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Law & Order: Justice is Served
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Monster Truck Maniac 2
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Aim It
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Cinthol Dont Stop
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Strongest Truck
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Bomb Jack
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Extreme Trucks II
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Played 8473 times

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Name: The powerpuff girls
Description: Puzzle: The powerpuff girls

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 6642


Name: Jessica Alba Jigsaw Puzzle
Description: Jessica Alba Jigsaw Puzzle

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 6897


Name: Doorsets Tetris
Description: Doorsets Tetris- new addictive arcade flash colorful game for all ages and tastes. Stack the falling shapes in rows to score points and prevent them from reaching the top of the screen. As the levels progress, the blocks will fall faster.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 7160


Name: Avatar the Game
Description: Is the avatar game , you must save the love

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 5491


Name: Blast Shield
Description: A remake of the classic game - Bubble Bobble. Enjoy 10 new levels as well as the original levels. What is coming soon? Create your own custom levels and challenge your friends to beat it.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 4792


Name: Circus Connect Mahjong
Description: Find two same pictures and connect them using less than 3 lines. You will receive points for each correct connection + extra points if you link the pictures quickly. Points will be reduced if you try to connect two different pictures. Click the pictures again to cancel selection. Able to suggest. These tips to renew and build with each new level.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1890


Name: Castle Match
Description: Match the pairs in as few moves as possible,

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1882


Name: BowWow
Description: Welcome to the wonderful world of BowWow where you as a young target must harvest a crop of sky potatoes using only a magick bow. Wow!

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 2056


Name: Butterfly
Description: Catch the butterfly and make the high Score.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1724


Name: PiClimber Squared
Description: This is the extended version of the game PiClimber. PiClimber is a tribute to Pi (also known as 3.14). The digits of Pi form the different stages of the game, and your job is to think your way through to the last digit in the best possible way. In this version all scores are squared.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1601


Name: Muscular Jigsaw
Description: A jigsaw puzzle game showing a fully annotated Russell performing a perfect dig in beach volleyball.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1608


Name: Cheetah Girls Puzzle
Description: cheeta girls puzzle, drag and drop the pieces

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1438

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