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Law & Order: Justice is Served
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Monster Truck Maniac 2
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Aim It
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Cinthol Dont Stop
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Strongest Truck
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Bomb Jack
Played 8860 times
Extreme Trucks II
Played 8804 times
Played 8571 times

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Name: Talesworth Arena: Death Watch
Description: Choose to be a Psionic, a Juggernaut, or an Engineer and fight your way through TEN levels of foul creatures. Gain experience, gold, and powerful artifacts. Slay Krax and become the new Arena Master! Talesworth Arena combines elements of fantasy RPGs, puzzles and fast-paced arcade games.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 630


Name: Soldier Fortune - Last defense
Description: 1924 wake of attacks against the troops located in the heart of the valley. All the soldiers trying to defend the valley from the hands of the enemy. Enemy planes came the sound of his voice like a lion. This is where life is at stake ... and we hope to see the sun tomorrow.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 752


Name: Jungle Rescue
Description: Fly into the heart of the ActionJetz Jungle and save the POWs.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 807


Name: Motor Escape
Description: Get on your motorbike and escape the bad guys that are out to get you.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 687


Name: Jumping Monkeys
Description: A monkey game which you have to bounce each monkey across the river while collecting bananas.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 720


Name: Yoko
Description: Yoko is a platform game in the style of Mario. Run and jump through the levels, collect power ups and try to stay alive.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 771


Description: You are a commnader of a tank unit and you must find and destroy the stolen documents.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 771


Name: BigHeads Shooter 2
Description: Shoot Big Heads in four rows randomly appearing at 60 seconds time limit in this second part of shooting series. The number of Big Heads is getting higher every second so shoot them all before time runs out! Standard heads (1 points), bonus heads (5 point), missed heads are deducted at the end!

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 698


Name: Shooter Accuracy and Speed
Description: You are surrounded by the dirty armies. shoot as much as you can to gain a lot of points. if you are running out of bullets, or lose all your health, it's game over. cautious the dirty armies are really dangerous and are great in numbers.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 691


Name: Superman
Description: Fly superman and avoid kryptonites. Click and hold left mouse button to go up release to go down.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 767


Name: Combat Flight Thingy
Description: WWII themed 2D sprite-based combat flight game, featuring 8 playable levels, 5 aircraft types, tanks, AA guns, warships and more.

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 899


Name: Pirate Attack!
Description: Yahrr! Three pirateships are attacking you! You have to defend your ship against incoming canonballs! rrrr!

Category: Action
Number of Times Played: 893

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